Erotic Stimulant for Women


  • General stimulation of the hormonal activity, improves the blood circulation and nervous regulatory functions
  • Increases the female libido and orgasm ability. Improves the emotional balance and oxidizing processes on a cellular level.
  • Recommended as a supplementary method for improvement of the female desire for intimacy.



Water-alcohol extract of:

Elder – fruit (Fr. Sambuci Ebuli) – 20%

Ginseng – root (Rad. Ginsengi) – 15%

Ginkgo Biloba – лист (Fol. Ginko Bilobae) – 10%

Verbena – stem (Hb. Verbenae) – 10%

St. John's Wort – stem (Hb. Hyperici) – 10%

Ginger – root (Rad. Zingiberi) – 10%

Ribwort Plantain– leaf (Fol. Plantaginis) – 10%

Rose – flower (Fl. Rosae Damascenae) – 5%

Lady's Mantle – stem (Hb. Alchae Millae) – 5%

Iceland Lichen (Lich. Islandis) – 5%



Peroral. 30 drops diluted in water, 15 minutes before meals, 2-3 times a day.


Adverse effects:

This product may cause adverse effects if you suffer from a related allergy. Not suitable for children, pregnant or breastfeeding women.


Package: 70 ml flask, with a pipette under the cap.


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