Why choose Mirta Medicus?

Have a Healthy body

Memory and brain activity

Vision and Eye Health

Cough and sore throat

Blood circulation and cardiovascular system

Kidneys and release system

Черен дроб

Liver and bile

Digestion and gastrointestinal tract

Prostate and male sex system

Locomotor system

Tone and immune system

Insomnia and nervous system

Weight loss


Erotic stimulants

Varicose veins and hemorrhoids

Respiratory system

Super foods

Мирта Медикус - Лого

Recommended Products

Доктор облечен в престилка с папка в ръка

Consult a specialist

Hello! My father (66 y-o) received a stroke last October. Then … a topic

It is desirable to influence more and more adequate ways of its chronic illness; consultation with a more experienced physiotherapist or specialist in Eastern medicine, as well as with…

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