About us

М. Пенков (снимка)

Eng. Marin Penkov - Manager

Dear friends,

Health is the most valuable human asset, and as such it is priceless.

Health is a special type of matter; it cannot be bought for money, gold or any other material valuables.

Health is a condition that requires physical, psychological and social well-being. The absence of diseases and disabilities is simply not enough. Health is above all joy, happiness, wisdom, creativity, emotion, balance, fulfilling relationships, in other words – the quality of life

We own one of the most cutting-edge plants for production of liquid and dry extracts and substances.

Our mission

The specialized exhibition Health Alley, initiated and organized by us, has established itself as a regular forum, a tradition, a place where doctors, pharmacists, technologists, scientists, manufacturers, traders and end users gather under one roof. We strive to connect science, production, and consumption, to outline the new trends in the battle against socially significant diseases, to create an environment for a new attitude and a public discussion on natural healthcare methods to the benefit of the Bulgarian people at the beginning of the 21st century.

Our values

Our success

What is the secret of our success and customer satisfaction in the struggle for better health and quality of life?

  • Organic raw materials taken from nature.
  • Certified high quality extracts and substances.
  • Optimum dosage and combination of ingredients and substances used in product preparation to achieve a maximum effect in the shortest possible term.
  • A wide range of effects of each product.
  • Convenient use–the intake is usually one or two capsules a day.
  • Achievement of high quality and efficiency of the production and capacity to set reasonable prices.